Singing lessons

If you are under 16, a hobby singer or just looking to sing for fun and work on the basics of pitch, harmonies, timing, technique, vocal health and performance skills; My grassroots singing lessons are the place to start!

The first lesson will always be an introduction to me and my teaching and your skills and abilities, interests and goals. Here we can work out a plan to move forward with your lessons to reach your goals. 

I believe everyone can and should enjoy their voice and through these sessions, my goal is to ensure that YOU get what YOU want from them.

Girl Band B&W
Sing for fun/ sing for health

Music and singing have been proven to offer significant physical and mental health benefits. Singing lessons at GM Voice are a perfect opportunity to belt out your favourite tunes, have a little fun and release tension, while also improving your lung capacity, improving circulation and releasing endorphins, the feel good hormone.

George is training under Anne-Marie Speed to become the first and only Estill Master Trainer in the Midlands! The Estill model is renowned worldwide and is being integrated into the worlds best Vocal programmes.

Concert Hall
Musical Theatre

For Musical Theatre fans and those hoping to become a 'Triple Threat' in the performing arts arena, Gm Voice offers examinations in Musical Theatre, through the London College of Music. Exams offer UCAS points from Grade 6. George is training under the esteemed Anne-Marie Speed, sought after West End,film and TV Voice Coach, to become the first and only Estill Master Trainer in the Midlands.

Concert Crowd
Rock and Pop

If Musical Theatre isn't your thing, GM Voice also offers lessons and exams in Rock and Pop through Trinity College London exam board. UCAS points award from Grade 6. George is also able to work with Metal singers hoping to perfect vocal distortion techniques. With great contacts in the Commercial Music industry and a collaboration with Gospel Oak Studios, you can reach your goals in CCM with George!