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  • How can I pay for lessons?
    Lessons can be paid monthly in advance by Standing Order, by bank transfer, online or cash. Blocking bookings are also available (paid in advance) Gift Vouchers available for one off or block bookings.
  • What can I learn?
    You will learn correct breathing techniques, how to take care of your voice and various techniques to control your voice. You can also take exams in Musical Theatre and Rock and Pop, gaining UCAS points towards further education
  • Why should I take lessons?
    Everyone can sing right? Yes! They can... although some people need a little more help than others! Taking lessons from a qualified teacher will ensure you use the correct techniques to maximise your singing potential while taking good care of your instrument. You can also gain UCAS points if you undertake our exams.
  • How do I book a lesson?
    You can book online here, on facebook or by texting George on 07792980941
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