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Voice Coaching 1:1

Vocal coaching is not just for singers and performers. I can help anyone that uses their voice for their work. Teachers, Lecturers, fitness instructors, Police Officers, Doctors, Public Speakers..the list goes on!

If you are having trouble with your voice, losing your voice, no volume, trouble projecting, too soft, not soft enough... I can help!

Vocal MOT

Before devising your personal training plan, an initial 'assessment' or 'Vocal MOT' is a great start. This assessment will take 60mins and give us both a good picture of your current status as a performer and/or voice user. We will discuss your goals and ambitions and develop a plan to move forward. 

This session is very relaxed and informal, no need for any nerves! 

Its a great introduction to my coaching and a good no-strings way to see if you are ready to commit to your voice and we are both happy to continue our journey together

As a professional voice user, you are a vocal athlete. It is imperative that you keep your voice in peak performance condition and maintain your vocal health through self care and regular focussed coaching.

In these sessions we will look at your goals and any changes you wish to make, refining your sound, optimising technique, developing new sounds and adding to your pre-existing skills.

Voice training and Vocal health first aid.

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