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Communication and Emotional intelligence training.

Is 'how you say it' more important than 'what you say?'

Having worked in the Police Service for 22 years, in various public facing roles such as Emergency Call-hander, Patrol Officer, and Sex Offender Manager. Georgie is now a communication and emotional intelligence trainer, professional singer, vocal coach, teacher of Trans voice alteration and University lecturer.

Georgie has always been sensitive to tone of spoken voice and has cultivated an awareness of prosody and non-verbal communication through close listening skills, private literature study and many years of professional experience working with people suffering emotional trauma. 

Through Masters degree research, Georgie developed a training programme for those working within public service, and beyond, to enable greater understanding of prosody and the impact of tone of voice.

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My Story

I have always been sensitive to tone of voice, and found that the way I was spoken to could influence not only my immediate reaction to people but future interactions. I started my career with Warwickshire Police in 1996 as a special constable and working the towns of North Warwickshire convinced me that I wanted to help people in any way that I could. In 1999 I joined the force communications centre as a call-handler and radio despatcher. With only my voice as my tool, I would pride myself on developing a rapport with both service users and colleagues that enabled me to gather important information and 


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